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Use of different types of FRP grilles

In general, the irregular classification of FRP grilles can be divided into four types, the most important of which is to be classified according to the use of the product and its own characteristics, giving more choices to many users.

The products can be roughly divided into several categories according to the irregular classification of the frequently used glass fiber grating products:

Glass reinforced plastic grating cover plate

The so-called anti-skid performance can be better reflected on the GFRP grating, such as the sand-covered grating, the patterned grating and so on.

The surface of the glass fiber reinforced plastic grille plate can be a smooth surface, prevent slippery sanding surface or the anti-slip pattern, grille plate thickness of 4.0 cm commonly, also can according to customer’s size, plate grid is often used in the closed area, used for sewage treatment facilities, corrosion resistance and prevent gas overflow, non-slip surface plate grid also can be used as a ramp, manhole cover, trench cover plate.

Conductive glass – steel grating

The GFRP grille itself is an insulator and does not conduct electricity or heat. However, it is also required to conduct electricity on some specific occasions. The concrete operation method is to add a layer of stone ink about 3~5mm thick on its surface to eliminate the risk of electrostatic charge. Like the traditional FRP grille, the conductive grille has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, flame retardant, impact resistance, skid resistance, light weight and so on.

Micro – pore glass steel grating

The walkway designed with microporous FRP grille has lower cost and corrosion resistance than aluminum grille and steel grille. The microcellular fiberglass grille is especially suitable for walking in wheelbarrows and wheelchairs. The double-layered microcellular grille prevents the surface of the grille from dropping tools and other items. The microaperture grille can meet the test of 15mm diameter ball and is suitable for the trench cover plate, coastal platform, semiconductor and communication area, computer room.

Flat glass steel cover plate

The flat GFRP cover is made of glass fiber grid cloth, glass fiber short cut felt and resin cured by hand. In general, flat GFRP cover is used in combination with the GFRP grille, also known as GFRP cover.

Post time: Apr-26-2022