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Easily installed FRP GRP Walkway Platform System

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A FRP Walkway Platform not only reduces trips, slip and falls, it prevents walls, pipes, ducts and cables from being damaged. For a simple access solution, choose one of our FRP Walkway Platform and we’ll supply it fully fabricated and ready for you to install. We offer a range of sizes designed to clear obstacles up to 1000mm high with a span of up to 1500mm. Our Standard FRP Walkway Platform are constructed using Universal FRP Profiles, FRP Stair Tread, 38mm FRP Open Mesh Grating and continuous FRP handrail on both sides.

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Stair Treads are made using 38mm FRP Anti-Slip Open Mesh Grating with yellow nosing.

Platforms are built from 38mm FRP Anti-Slip Open Mesh Grating with a SWL of 5kN/m2.

Continuous handrail on both sides has Kick Plate on the platform to prevent items falling or rolling off.

Supplied fully fabricated – we can break it down into sections to make it easier to lift if required.

Stair Tread and Platform are 800mm wide.

Long-lasting FRP will never rot or corrode and requires zero maintenance.

Chemical resistant, non-conductive and low noise.


 • High strength composite construction

 • Dimensionally and thermally stable

• Manufactured to your individual specification

• Corrosion resistant

• Non-conductive

• Easily installed

• Maintenance-free

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FRP Walkway Platform most applications including:

• Roof-top access to private or government buildings

• Chemical Plants

• Water and Waste Treatment Plants

• Marine and Offshore

• Petrochemical

• Power Stations and Sub-Stations

Whether staff need to navigate across a single pipe, a boundary wall or a network of cables, a FRP Walkway Platform will ensure that they stay safe while preventing the pipes, walls or cables from getting kicked, stepped on or damaged. Built to suit each site, a FRP Walkway Platform can be made any height, width or length and is usually supplied ready-made. FRP is less than half the weight of the steel equivalent, so most FRP Walkway Platform can be placed manually – no heavy lifting equipment is required. It is also long-lasting and low-maintenance. Typically constructed using Standard Open Mesh Grating and stairs with a FRP handrail, they can be made to your own specifications.

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